Our list of clients

2nd Law Music/ ASCAP (HSU)
2035 Music (ASCAP)(The Turning)
2037 Music (ASCAP) (Jeremy Casella)
Age to Age Music, Inc. (ASCAP) (Amy Grant)
All For The King Music/ ASCAP (Rick Cua)
Andrew Osenga Wrote These Songs(ASCAP) (Andrew Osenga)
BanaHama Tunes (ASCAP)(Bernie Herms)
Banana Stand Music/ASCAP (Michael Olson)
Banistuci Music (ASCAP) (Brown Bannister)
Bernie Herms Music (BMI)(Bernie Herms)
Be Together Music (Sampson Brueher)
Big Bright Sky Music (ASCAP)(Jeff Searles)
Big Front Porch Music (BMI) (Tricia Walker)
Blazing Saddles Music/ BMI (Bobby Blazier)
Bottom Nine Music/ SESAC (Bobby & Teri Price)
Bouleetos Music (ASCAP) (Thad Beaty)
Brad Kilman Publishing (ASCAP) (Brad Kilman)
Big Bright Sky (ASCAP)(Jeff Searles)
Brig-Nar Music (ASCAP) (Mike Brignardello)
Brown's Tone Music (Scott Brown)
Bubster Music (Bubba Smith)
Build His House Music (Brown Bannister)
Celestial Sphere (ASCAP)(Andrew Thompson)
Christopher Phillips Music (ASCAP)(Christopher Phillips)
Comatone Music/ ASCAP (Kenny Marks)
Cora Wim Publishing (BMI)(Ceesha Wilson)
Cosmic Mule Music (BMI)(Jim Foster)
Crazy Romaine Music (Mark Schultz)
Creative Trust Music (various)
Did You Look Music (David Durham/ Becky Durham)
Donkey Punch Music (ASCAP)Adrian Carmack/Jim Lacamp)
Dora Dan Music (ASCAP)(Tim Weatherspoon)
Earl Clark Music (BMI)(Earl Clark)
Extended Stay Music (ASCAP)(Ben Glover)
Floyd Lawson Music (ASCAP)(Ron Hemby)
Goodwin Trev Music (ASCAP)(Trevor Morgan)
Grant Girls Music, LLC (ASCAP) (Amy Grant)
Gratia Music (ASCAP)(David Hamilton)
Guitom Music (BMI) (Tom Hemby)
Hat Songs (SESAC) (Michael James)
Heart And Song Music (ASCAP) / (Duawne Starling)
Innocent Smith (ASCAP)(Aaron Sands)
Jaysplace/ ASCAP (Jay Stocker)
JBH Music (ASCAP)(Jeremy Hunter)
Joann Rosario Music (ASCAP)(Joann Rosario)
John Davis Brand Music (BMI)(John Davis)
Jorcher Music (BMI) (Lisa Shipman)
Just Three Words (ASCAP) (Brent Wilson)
Karlos Jr. Music (BMI)(Carlos Ricketts)
King Garf Music (ASCAP) (Jamie Kenney)
Kurttila Songs (Dennis Kurttila)
Kyrie Music/ ASCAP (Tom Lane)
La Ocean Music (BMI)(Darin James)
Locally Owned Music (BMI) (Wes King)
M Town Music (ASCAP) (Merrill Farnsworth)
Mark McGuinn Songs/ BMI (Mark McGuinn)
Mark Schultz Music (BMI) (Mark Schultz)
Mellettron Music (SESAC) (Michael & Fiona Mellett)
Mik/E/B Music (BMI) (Mike Brignardello)
Moni Mar Music (BMI)(Marvin McQuitty)
Months Later Music/BMI (various)
mullinsongs (ASCAP) (Estate of Rich Mullins)
Nikkolio Music (Paul Wright/ Lisa Shipman)
Ouva Baby Music (BMI) (PamKenyon Donald)
Pan For Gold Music (ASCAP)(Pam Wolfe)
Positive Vibration Music (ASCAP) (Jet Penix)
Pretty Feet Music (BMI) (Kim Hill)
RedRose of Nahum Music (BMI)(Joann Rosario)
Raphton Music (BMI)(Ralph Lofton)
Rick Cua Music/ BMI (various)
Riverstone Music, Inc. (ASCAP) (Gary Chapman/ John Mallory)
Rockin' Mule Music (BMI)(Jackie Bradshaw)
ROKT Music/ ASCAP (various)
Sarah Paulding Publishing (Ralph Lofton)
Sassy Mule Music (ASCAP)(Jackie Bradshaw)
Saint & Pilgrim Songs (Jeremy Casella)
Schparkenmusik/BMI (Wendy Wills)
Sebastian Boy Music (ASCAP)(Phil Keaggy)
Sodium Glow, LLC (ASCAP)(David Terry/Chris Cooke)
Something More Music (Todd Moore)
Son of Bubsongs Music (Bubba Smith)
Sonic Identification Music/ BMI (The Turning)
Spin Cycle Music (ASCAP) (John Mallory)
Super id Music (ASCAP)(Don Pfrimmer)
Thunderous Noise Music (BMI)(Danny Lance)
To All A Tie Music/ ASCAP (Kara Tualatai)
Tom Lane Music/ASCAP (Tom Lane)
Top Mule Music (BMI)(Jim Foster)
The Wedding Rock/ASCAP (The Wedding)
Tim and Dale's Publishing (SESAC) (Todd Shay)
Tin Roof Music/ SESAC (Bobby & Teri Price)
Tippy’s Own Music (BMI) (Tiffany Palmer)
T. Michael Music (SESAC)(Tom Michael)
Twin Angels Music (Jimmy Abegg)
Velvet Eagle Sings/ASCAP (Andrew Osenga)
Wappapello Music (Tom Hemby)
Willie-O Music/ ASCAP (Will Owsley)
Years Later Music (ASCAP)(Various)