Frequently Asked Questions

Who would be a client?
  • Songwriters who own their own music publishing.
  • Songwriters who do not need a song plugger.
  • Songwriters who have had at least one song recorded commercially.
What services does TLC provide?
  • Copyright registration with the Library of Congress
  • PRO registrations with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC
  • Licensing for users: mechanical, print, synchronization, performance
  • Quarterly royalty statements for publishers and writers
  • Top Song Reports
What fee does TLC charge publishing clients?
  • A flat percentage of gross income for publisher each quarter.
  • Charge back fee of $30 per song to register with Library of Congress
What does TLC not provide?
  • TLC does not pitch songs to be recorded.
  • TLC does not offer writer advances.
Will TLC listen to outside material?
    No, since we do not pitch songs we are only able to service clients that already have their songs recorded for commerical release.
How long does it take to get a license?
    Generally it takes 30 days to turn your request around.
Does TLC handle Master Use requests?
    TLC only licenses the publishers portion. You must contact the record label directly to get their permission to use their recording.