How do I submit a request to use one the TLC client songs?

All requests are required in writing and sent either by regular mail or fax. Click on the link below to download a PDF of the official permission request form.

Download the TLC Permission Request Form
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at

In the event that you are unable to download and print the form that we have provided, you may send the written request with the following information included on it. PLEASE NOTE: You must include all of the following information or TLC is unable to license it.

1) Song title _______________________________________________

2) Writers/Publishers ________________________________________


3) Name of YOUR Project ____________________________________

4) Name of YOUR Artist______________________________________

5) Timing of song in minutes and seconds (fees set by timing) ___ : ___

6) Number of copies you will manufacture ________________________

7) Date of release ___________________________________________

8) Product Number (if available) ________________________________

9) Record Label (if available) ___________________________________

10) Your fax number __________________________________________

11) Your Name & Address ______________________________________